oDesk: Letting You Be an Expert

NetBizExpert's Ted Prodromou says oDesk lets him hire expert designers to serve his clients, while he focuses on his point of expertise — building his business.

Ted Prodromou launched NetBizExpert in a rough economy: The dot-com crash had killed his tech consultancy, and when a client asked if he knew anything about web development, he gave it a shot, and soon had a new business on his hands. "Over time, I went to networking events and met a lot of small business owners who didn't have websites, or who had really bad websites," he said. "Eventually, I had too much business."


Ted Prodromou / Owner, NetBizExpert

oDesk gave me a great way to hire really talented programmers at an affordable rate.

That's where oDesk came in. "oDesk gave me a great way to hire really talented programmers at affordable rates," he said. He joined in 2006, and in two years was up to a team of 12, spread across the globe. "I'm still working with two of the original [freelancers] I hired," he noted.

He said he finds finds it easy to deal with his far-flung workforce. He works from a home office, and starts his day by checking in with one side of the planet, and ends it by checking in with the other. In between, he's dealing with clients and building his business. Rather than spend his time working for clients, he can send the work to developers who are better trained in the latest technology, while Ted uses his main expertise, as a businessman, to keep the company growing.

Tax Advantages

oDesk's payment tools cut administrative time and costs: "It's pretty much automatic, and I like automatic," Ted says. "With other sites, you have to put money in escrow, etc. It's more difficult. And instead of having employees or freelancers on my taxes and having to do 1099s, it's all done through oDesk. It makes life a lot easier."

"I put together the job requirements, find which of my oDesk programmers are available, and send it off," he says. And he keeps them busy — most of his clients come from local contacts, but referrals have brought him customers from around the world. "I'm getting to the point where I need to hire some more programmers and expand my oDesk team — and I'll probably hire a project manager too."

About NetBizExpert

Located in San Anselmo, California, just north of San Francisco, NetBizExpert does web development, search engine optimization, pay-per-click management and Internet marketing for small business owners. Owner Ted Prodromou also has a number of blogs and e-commerce sites of his own, and has been in business for more than a decade.

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