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Web designer Heidi Ramirez says oDesk helps her find work, impress potential clients and avoid billing headaches.

"I was freelancing way before I found oDesk," says web designer Heidi Ramirez. "I came across oDesk, and I thought I would try it because seeking out new clientele can be a challenge at times."

Heidi says she quickly saw how oDesk could help her build and manage her career. "I have used just about every freelance site out there and found the most success through oDesk," she says. "It's so much easier to apply for jobs — and to have clients find me."

Heidi Ramirez

Heidi Ramirez / oDesk freelancer

oDesk is really the best thing that happened to me professionally.

She makes it easy for clients to find her, and makes sure they'll be impressed when they do. She combines a standout profile, boasting more than a thousand hours of work through oDesk and plenty of glowing feedback, with her own website . The site gives Heidi an additional way to show off her portfolio, and she has a "hire me through oDesk" button that brings clients back to her oDesk profile . Plus, she occasionally tries some creative marketing, such as the month when she gave away one free standard web banner with every new website she designed.

oDesk is more than her primary marketplace; she says its management and billing tools have made her life a lot easier, lifting the administrative burden so she can focus on paying work. She takes full advantage of the many ways to stay in touch with a employer as she works. "I talk to clients via phone or Yahoo Messenger and e-mail frequently during jobs," she says. This has helped her build longterm relationships.

Heidi especially likes oDesk's "an hour worked is an hour paid" guarantee , because slow payment—or no payment—is a big problem for many freelancers. "oDesk eliminates the risk that I don't get paid for a job," she says.

Hire Heidi Ramirez on oDesk, and see more of her work on her website .

Timing is Everything

Heidi praises the flexibility of remote work, but in some ways she's a traditionalist. Though most of her work is done through oDesk, she says she prefers to keep relatively standard work hours. "I work 9 a.m. to about 5 p.m. Monday through Friday," she says. Not only do those hours happen to suit her lifestyle, they make it easier to be available to U.S.-based clients, and her communicativeness and responsiveness have been a big part of her success.

About Heidi Ramirez

Heidi Ramirez Heidi Ramirez has degrees in programming and graphic design, and more than 12 years of hands-on experience in skills relating to Internet web design. Past employers have praised her work ethic, her eye for design, and the ease of working with her.

Heidi Ramirez Data Sheet

Melbourne, FL
oDesk user since:
November 2006
Feedback score:
4.94 of 5
Freelance history:
29 filled jobs
>1,000 hours worked