The oDesk Impact

Three-year-old software development SoftReactor SoftReactor found that oDesk was the best way to reach a global marketplace.

After years as an IT consultant, Andriy Demkiv decided in 2003 to launch his own business, a software development firm called SoftReactor. He took advantage of contacts in Moldova and Ukraine to assemble a distributed workforce that is efficient and highly skilled.

"I grew up in both countries, so I have a lot of personal contacts there, and it was very natural to utilize them," he says. Most of his employees start as part-timers, after a rigorous interview process. In time, Andriy says, most opt to work full-time. oDesk brings in plenty of work to keep them busy.

Andriy discovered oDesk in 2006 and signed up SoftReactor as an agency. At first oDesk was just a supplemental platform, something worth trying, but it soon became a key part of the company's success. "Now, oDesk is becoming our primary sales channel," Andriy says. "We still do direct sales, but we are using oDesk more and more because it's so convenient."


Andriy Demkiv / Founder, SoftReactor

oDesk's guaranteed payment system takes care of a lot of headaches.

The Power of Distributed Work

It makes sense that SoftReactor would be drawn to oDesk, since it embraced the idea of a dispersed workforce from day one. The company has offices in Ukraine, but doesn't require its developers to work there — Andriy doesn't want to limit his talent pool to those able to commute to a particular work location.

"We hire the best talent available — most developers have an M.S. in computer science and some have Ph.D.s," he says. "We have lots of contacts with universities, especially in Ukraine, so we're able to attract new talent all the time."

This mentality has let SoftReactor fill its ranks with programming experts skilled in C#/.NET, J2EE, Oracle, Flash, PHP, MySQL, and AJAX, all of which are highly sought after. "We always try to cater to demand," he says, noting how quickly Facebook applications took off. "One of the benefits that oDesk has is a wide variety of job postings in a huge range of technologies. There is some demand for almost all programming skills."

oDesk Advantages

While Andriy praises oDesk for making it easy to get started, as a businessman he was particularly drawn to the payment guarantee . As with independent freelancers, so for agencies: An hour worked is an hour paid.

"I had never seen that before oDesk," he says. "It takes care of lots of headaches. It saves a tremendous amount of time and resources for the billing, so the company can spend more time on core services instead of collecting money."

He also likes the quality of oDesk's marketplace, from the range of work out there to the quality of employers, who are often quite serious about getting things done.

"Many clients on oDesk have longer-term [jobs], which are attractive to SoftReactor," he says. Only two years after joining oDesk in mid-2006, SoftReactor had become oDesk's fifth-largest agency. "We have established strong business partnerships in the United States, Netherlands, Canada, the United Kingdom and Sweden. Because of oDesk, SoftReactor has become a truly global company."


Man of the Hour

Andriy Demkiv estimates that 99 percent of SoftReactor's freelancers do hourly jobs. In fact, if a client proposes a fixed-price job, the company will try to convert it to an hourly contract, which brings oDesk's payment guarantee . It's one of the chief advantages, Andriy says, of working through the oDesk marketplace.

About SoftReactor

SoftReactor LLC is a New Jersey software development company with R&D in Eastern Europe. It provides quality custom software development and offshore software outsourcing services. The company has experts in a wide range of technologies and jobs of various scales, from design and analysis through implementation and support.

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