Talented freelancers and agencies share how they found success as remote service freelancers on oDesk.

Experienced Freelancers

Seasoned professionals love the straightforward guarantee of payment for hourly work, and oDesk's tools eliminate the need to create timesheets and send invoices, leaving freelancers free to do the work they get paid for.


oDesk is really the best thing that happened to me professionally. Learn more

Heidi Ramirez

Get out of the office and live a little. Learn more

Jacqui Pittenger

Students and Graduates

Recent graduates and current students can quickly put their skills to work and find the flexibility to work around their studies.


I've gained valuable experience that goes beyond my 'work skills'. Learn more

Jeff Wichman


Have a talented staff? Looking for more high-quality jobs to grow your business? The hourly work model and payment guarantee allow firms to focus on acquiring and delivering on long-term and stable job opportunities.


oDesk's guaranteed payment system takes care of a lot of headaches. Learn more

Andriy Demkiv / Founder, SoftReactor