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Encode/Convert PDF files to Word and Excel
Encode written files to Word and Excel
Internet Research
Email Scraping
Microsoft Office Works
Creative/Technical Writing
Data Entry

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Excel Specialist wanted for Complicated Copy and Replace Jobs

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Downloading/uploading using Google Drive

/ $5,144.11  (2,641 hrs @ $2.44/hr)

To whom it may concern,In a nutshell - Marie would be a great catch and you shouldn't think twice about hiring her.I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with Mariebel Walidje for the past year, as she was my company’s ODesk project manager, doing all the day to day management of our entire Odesk content operation in the Philippines.When I first started working with Marie, she was part of our Odesk content team doing various data collection, internet research and non-trivial spread sheet tasks. She excelled in her tasks so clearly, had such good communication skills, such commitment and such a talent to finding more efficient and effective ways to do the tasks, that it became obvious very soon that she would be a great project manager as well.As a project manager, she still did a lot of the work herself (to the highest quality as usual), and in addition we were able from then onwards to simply put a task for the team on Trello (or through Skype) and she would pick I up, organize whatever needed organization, allocate the personnel to the different tasks and make sure progress is made. During times of enormous time pressures and multiple tasks requiring complex coordination – she kept the ship on its course. Marie is also 100% trustworthy, allowing us to trust her with delicate issues and to grant her more responsibility and access than we ever before did on ODesk.Regarding Marie’s remarkable capabilities on spread sheet (Google Sheets + Excel), PDF manipulation, file handling, internet research, and data collection and entry – Marie finds it easy to immediately start any task combining any of the above skills, and very quickly find the best way to do it. She will ask all the right questions, find problems in the task quickly and will report them immediately (in most cases after already coming up with the solution). In that, together with her project management skills, Marie proved invaluable to our company’s content operations time and again, and has helped us achieve very much in very little time.I am personally thankful to Marie for her excellent work and for being the stable pillar of out ODesk content operation for so long. I would recommend hiring her for any position involving the above-mentioned skills, and also to positions requiring more – as she is very quick to learn and has much more potential to develop her abilities even further.Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, or for further details.Yours,Dr. Uri GrodzinskiHead of Content and Analytics,Flooved Ltd.London, UKuri@flooved.com

Website / Game Tester

/ $41.07  (19 hrs @ $2.22/hr)