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Linux Kiosk Developer

/ $295.00  (10 hrs @ $30.00/hr)

We had an unusual experience with this provider so I will describe what happened in some detail.Upon initial contact the provider seemed well-versed in the subject matter and had good communication skills. He expressed interest in the project and our company. He even suggested potential improvements for our other projects. This enthusiasm and pro-activeness was nice to see. He tackled the first assignment head on and seemed to make good progress. Eventually he found a problem with the changes he was trying to make to some open source software. He worked overtime trying to fix the problem. He did not charge our company for the extra work he did. By the time he was ready to dismiss this approach as too complex we had found another program we preferred and told him to stop working on his assignment. During the first assignment he was not always as responsive as we would have liked, often taking most of the day to get back to us. He felt bad about not having provided us with a deliverable and offered to make some improvements to the new software free of charge. This responsible approach to his work was great to see.At this point we gave him a second assignment which was not supposed to take more than a day (maybe a few days at the most). After this he became unresponsive and took multiple days to get back to us. After over a week of no results it became clear that something was wrong and we told him we were planning to close the account. He apologized and claimed personal reasons for not being able to provide us with the service we requested. We understand that everyone has a tough time in their life and wish him the best. However, we would have greatly appreciated if he had kept us informed of his situation during the last two weeks. We were not near a deadline and the provider knew this, but it would be unfortunate if this happened during a time critical phase of the project. Overall the provider seemed pro-active, technically capable, and interested in his work. However, it is unclear how well he normally handles project scheduling and regular communication. We would be happy to have him working for us if these issues are resolved but for now we have to look elsewhere.

Data Scrapping From Emails

/ $214.40  (14 hrs @ $13.33/hr)

Great Job. Really look out for my bottom line and kept my budget in mind when completing the assignment.