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TryTriSystems is a software development group with a broad set of skills. When possible, we like to develop with good frameworks such as Rails, Django, Catalyst, CakePHP, and Symfony, but we know the underlying technologies and are quite comfortable building or extending the underlying systems to accomplish our clients' goals. We focus on following primary areas:

- Web development, especially with the Rails and jQuery combination. We do other web development, but our core is Rails and jQuery…


Work History & Feedback

php email form site

/ $4,028.27  (153 hrs @ $27.78/hr)

Chris is fantastic. We are so pleased with & look forward to working with Chris & his agency on phase 2 of this project & others.

Ruby Web App Programming

/ $2,328.80  (84 hrs @ $27.78/hr)

Chris was very friendly and easy to talk to. We were expecting a completed site from Tri Tri Systems however we were only able to get the most of the back end delivered. The backend took longer then expected and other client commitments kept getting in the way of our work. However, Chris seems like a very nice person who is easy to get along with.

Ruby Web App Programming

/ $333.36  (12 hrs @ $27.78/hr)