eCommerce Safe Services - ECSS

eCommerce Safe Services - ECSS
Ocala, United States

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Work History & Feedback

Wordpress Expert Consulting and Development

/ $84.00  (2 hrs @ $42.00/hr)

Ron is excellent to work with. He is very detailed about his plans for the project. Ron communicates effectively and in a timely manner. Ron's knowledge of SEO and Wordpress is outstanding! He has so much experience and knows all the ins and outs. He is very efficient and puts his time to great use. I will be contacting Ron again in the near future for another project. Ron is the best, don't waste your time with cheaper contractors. They will screw up your website, so use Ron from the start and you will be happy like I am! Thanks Ron

Website and Business Management, Tech Support and oDesk Team Support

/ $2,919.67  (77 hrs @ $38.00/hr)

Ron is a top performer who makes your project and business performance his top priority. He also consistently goes above and beyond in helping train his employers and team to get the most out of the global workplace, utilising the latest proven tools and approaches to streamline your experience and project.Will definitely work with Ron again in business planning and development, Project Management and Systems Administration.

Website and Business Management, Tech Support and oDesk Team Support

/ $11,943.50  (358 hrs @ $33.33/hr)

Ron has been my core business management and web development advisor for over a year.He has a strong IT and business background, hands on experience with current technologies and keen eye for a profitable business strategy.I've re-hired Ron at a higher rate in a more strategic position. Thanks Ron for the long term dedicated and loyal service.