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    I want to enhance an image which has been corrupted with speckle noise by using a dictionary technique, the input image should be of size 256x256 or 512x512. the output image should be distinct from the input image that is to say the output should be the enhanced version of the input image. Again the input image should be an image which has been corrupted with speckle or an image that we can add speckle noise to it in different ...
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    Hi, I am working on a project about " VOLTAGE AND REACTIVE POWER CONTROL OF A MICROGRID" but due to my busy schedule i am not able to give time to my project, and i need some help on it too. **REQUIREMENTS** i need a POWER ENGINEER WHO CAN SIMULATE A MICRO-GRID IN MATLAB AND USE D-STATCOM TO STABILIZE ITS VOLTAGE AND REACTIVE POWER... More details will be given to short-listed applicants, please place your bids
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    I need to plot a data sequence like the plot attached here. I want to learn how to do it in excel or MATLAB. I will prefer MATLAB. Have a look at the attachment file.
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    I need three equations to be plotted in matlab
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    Write a matlab code for AR, MA , and ARMA for the earthquake records. Given data are: Years Magnitude(rector scale) 2001: 8.1 2002: 8.3 2003: 8.1 2004: 8 8 2005: 9.2 2006: 8.3 2007: 8.2 2008: 9.0 2009 :8.5 2010: 8.9 2011: 9.1 2012: 8.0
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    I have my report done in WIND ENERGY CONVERSION SYSTEM and I'm looking for someone who can do me the abstract, Aims and objectives, results , discussion and ending up with conclusion and further development I have done some basic simulations on Simulink Matlab and I have some results come out but I want someone to support my work with some equations and in other word, to make the report professionally done . And also wondering how long is going to ...
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    Hello, I'm looking for someone to complete a university level MATLAB assignment and to complete a number of concrete structure based engineering problems, with explanations for students. The MATLAB part of the role is urgent, it needs to be completed before 5am Australian Eastern Standard time on 26/10/12, however there will be ongoing work in that area on a more lenient timeline. The Concrete structures section will need to be completed by the 7th of November, 2012 ...
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    I have designed a Digital Communication System in Simulink based on 64-QAM. However my knowledge of Simulink is limited and there there are some parameter input/output errors with my design. I just need someone with knowledge of DSP and Simulink to debug these errors for me into a running model. The model currently follows the following outline: SOURCE Benoulli binary generator TRANSMITTER: Channel coding Interleaver QAM Mapping IFFT Pulse shaping CHANNEL: Multipath LTI channel (or frequency selective) whose impulse ...
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    Hello, we are looking for someone who can create a short 15-20 second introduction for a website by mixing elements from these two files: The source files will be provided. The text and background song are also included. Thank you. --- Skills: autocad, action script