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  • Fixed-Price – Est. Budget: $100.00 Posted
    This small job is to build a CRON JOB. As MySQL table data is getting bigger, we need to this Automated Cron Service/Software to move the data into another tables….that’s it… Server is Windows 7, using WAMP, so this Automated Cron Service/Software is either built using .net/c/java…..doesnt matter, as far as can do the job and STABLE, that’s most important…..
  • Fixed-Price – Est. Budget: $10.00 Posted
    I have developed my first iOS app in my spare time and it is nearing completion. Unfortunately one significant bug still persists and I need help to take care of it before release. I need an experienced app developer who is familiar with the CoreMotion framework, the Swift programming language, and iOS app multi-tasking.
  • Fixed-Price – Est. Budget: $70.00 Posted
    There is an Android app Avito.apk It uses https requests with ...&checksum={md5_hash} parameter at the end need to found exactly what algo it uses.. it seems it is standard MD5 but it uses not all parts of URL. and probably may do md5 hash two times. MD5(MD5(url)) i have this app in binaries (see attachment) and as decompiled java source. also already have found a function who does all that ...
  • Fixed-Price – Est. Budget: $30.00 Posted
    For education purpose I need 20 examples of software methods written in C#, and associated unit Tests (using .net unit test framework). The method must varie in complexity. From easy understandable methods to more sophisticated method like checking for credit card numbers using Luhn Algorithm. I would like the methods delivered in one txt files, and the test methods in another txt file. Thanks Klaus
  • Fixed-Price – Est. Budget: $100.00 Posted
    I have 2 Raspberry Pis and 1 of them transmits UDP frames of Audio data to the other Raspberry Pi. The UDP Packets are received at 160 Bytes each. The receiving Raspberry Pi uses Qt 5.4.0 with QUDPSocket and tries to play the received data with ALSA. The code is below. Each time the "readyRead " signal is fired when bytes arrive on the receiving Raspberry Pi, the Buffer is written to ALSA. I have very Choppy and Glitchy ...
  • Fixed-Price – Est. Budget: $20.00 Posted
    Hi, We're looking fro someone experienced with chartboost SDK, We need it to be implemented into our android game. We need an interstitial(video) every second time you fail. It's suppose to be a quick work for someone with experience, the work will be done via team-viewer
  • Fixed-Price – Est. Budget: $10.00 Posted
    My program has a hard wired path for a source and destination file location. It creates a zip folder, password protected if checkbox is enabled. I have tested the software- it works just fine, UNLESS the files are huge. I need the program to be able to work on a source destination of 160gb of data. Right now I am testing on a 40gb folder, and the program crashes. The task is already in a second thread, so I don ...
  • Fixed-Price – Est. Budget: $50.00 Posted
    I have a .NET C# library found on GitHub that I use in another C# program. I'm looking for a programmer to make a very small change to this library. The change needed is that right now the library downloads some pages from the net using your IP, I need a dev to change that it uses a random proxy from a list I will supply.
  • Fixed-Price – Est. Budget: $300.00 Posted
    The project is to write a new module in vTiger version 6 for property management. Some basic details of the project are below. For Real estate module, it will be basically management of properties. One single property will have fields like ID, Description, Price, Discounts, Available Date, Current Status, Current Tenant, Current Contract ID, etc. Under the service agreements, we will issue a new agreement for e.g. selecting one of the properties from this module. All the information of ...