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  • Hourly – 3 to 6 months – 10-30 hrs/week – Posted
    I need someone to do mock interviews with me over skype/google hangout. I need specific training in algorithm interviews. If you have had software developer interviews with tech companies like Microsoft/amazon/google. you know what i am talking about. Your responsibility includes preparing questions and solution ahead of time and doing the interview with me over the internet. you will make paid only for the time of doing the interview.
  • Hourly – 3 to 6 months – 10-30 hrs/week – Posted
    Hey, We're developing a cool & unique game for Xbox with Kinect. We are looking for someone who wants to take part in developing the motion analysis engine.
  • Hourly – Less than 1 month – 30+ hrs/week – Posted
    We're looking for someone to write a converter in Javascript (should run in browser and nodejs) to convert Sketch Files ( starting from Version 3.x to our custom file format which we'll provide in more detail when the contract is closed. Delivery is expected to include a sample index.html file that showcases converting more complex sketch files like for example this one ( to proof the work. Coding standards need to ...
  • Hourly – Less than 1 week – Less than 10 hrs/week – Posted
    I am looking for someone who has knowledge and has done research or is prepared to do research (must provide studies found) to create a dating website questionnaire or questionnaire with the algorithm ready to be coded into a site. The questionnaire/questionnaire & algorithm will be used to match members by similarities. I originally hired my development team to create the algorithm after I provided the questionnaire but would ideally like to find someone who can create the whole system. The questionnaire should be based from research of what similarities make people compatible, what doesn’t, what questions are most important when it comes to matching members etc. The questionnaire should be two parts- basic questions such as age, race, status, looking for etc. and the 2nd part should be more detailed such as habits, hobbies, family values etc. (2nd part would strictly be used for matching purposes, other members wouldn’t be able to view them). The questionnaire should be organized to where the multiple choice questions (3-4 answer choices) would relate to the same value (example: members who answer a= people who are out going; b=people who are quiet etc). The 2nd part of the questionnaire should be broken into 3-4 sections in order to separate the personality traits (example: first set is social life, second is values, third is future ...
  • Hourly – 1 to 3 months – Less than 10 hrs/week – Posted
    I need a experienced alogorithmist to validate data structures, choose, implement and validate the best pattern maching algorithms in the context of natural language processing file data extraction. (Details will be discussed on skype). The process involve lot of back and forth and as such need flexibility and a great ability at communication.
  • Hourly – 1 to 3 months – Less than 10 hrs/week – Posted
    I need a machine learning professional with python experience with scikits-learn to design, pre-train and train and finetune a system of classification using naive bayesian filter process (Details will be discussed on skype). The work is in the context of data extraction in natural language processing. The project will span over the next 4 to 6 weeks and start very soon. The process involve back and forth so flexibility and a good ability to communicate is needed. Thank you very ...
  • Hourly – Less than 1 week – 10-30 hrs/week – Posted
    We want to build a list of the most frequent mutations for 10 cancers. You need to be able to access and analyze the Cancer Genome Atlas portal of the American National Cancer association and / or or the International cancer genome consortium. The objective is to go through the data of the 500 or so sequenced patients per cancer type and find out which mutations are the most frequent ones. In addition to this project, we also need someone to ...
  • Hourly – Less than 1 month – Less than 10 hrs/week – Posted
    Developer should develop algorithm that processes the latest and most accurate statistical world data available together with its projected progression to compute the estimated current millisecond number to be displayed on web page based on the specific time set on each visitor's computer clock.
  • Hourly – Less than 1 week – 10-30 hrs/week – Posted
    Need the design of the algorithm To solve the problem whether by MAXIMIZING the reliability with constrain is subject to a given cost or MINIMIZING the cost constrains is subject to a given reliability. you should consider that: a) tow terminal reliability, probability at least one operational path b) all terminal, probability of network connection at least one spanning tree - in this case at what reliability?? details attached