Algorithms Jobs

Fixed-Price - Est. Budget: $ 250 Posted
I'm searching for a person that have a lot of knowledge around Google and how to avoid the crawling to be spotted by Google. The script should be able to do the following: - Check positions for keywords from a database - Possible to scale up (multithread) -... more

Fixed-Price - Est. Budget: $ 5 Posted
online judge link: problem: 7 Reverse Integer below is my code, but can’t pass some tests You need to debug and make my code pass all test cases (becomes "Accepted") Requirements:... more

Fixed-Price - Est. Budget: $ 100 Posted
Develop a program, whose input is Bitmap Grayscale Image. Output is Vector Quantized image. Algrotihm of VQ is K-means. The feature vectors are simply the N X N non-overlapping blocks of pixels in the image. K-means must be reliazed by yourself. Not... more

Fixed-Price - Est. Budget: $ 5 Posted
Are you looking for an awesome job that's not only fun, challenging, and enjoyable, but also pays you more money the harder you work? If so, then please listen carefully. Our growing company has a fantastic job opportunity available for a Unity... more

Fixed-Price - Est. Budget: $ 500 Posted We are developing 3-axis brushless motor camera gimbal, the AHRS orientation software is ready, but needs assistance on gimbal brushless... more

Fixed-Price - Est. Budget: $ 50,000 Posted
Our goal is to build the Worlds' First - Patent Protected, 360 Infrared Enabled Video Surveillance Camera. We invite all electronic engineers best suited for this unique project to contact us as soon as possible. We are more than aware of the likely... more

Fixed-Price - Est. Budget: $ 200 Posted
The goal of this project is to develop an algorithm that, as quickly as possible, scans an entire disk volume and returns an array of file location paths of photos only. The algorithm will need to know when to look recursively inside of a given folder... more

Fixed-Price - Est. Budget: $ 50 Posted
You should write a program that provides a simulation of users (borrowers) borrowing books from a library. The simulation should contain the following concurrent threads: library This is the main thread that represents the library itself. It should... more