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  • Hourly – Less than 1 week – 30+ hrs/week – Posted
    Hello I need a sketch for Arduino that can control two actuators by limiting their end stops fw/bw via pulse counting their travel. Also I know this is really bad in terms of time pressure, but I need the sketch by the end of this weekend. I have tried to gather as much information on the actuators as possible. There are 8 pulses per spindle rotation. The speed of the actuator is 20mm/s The stroke length is 250mm ...
  • Hourly – 1 to 3 months – Less than 10 hrs/week – Posted
    I am chasing a Microcontroller Expert for a heavy vehicle tracking/operations application, preferably someone with experience with: Arduino Xbee Mesh Networking Wifi GPS Sensors: Temp, Gyro, Flow, Speed, G Force, Proximity, Pressure Interfacing Arduino with a cloud based App Android or IOS experience and advantage
  • Fixed-Price – Est. Budget: $45.00 Posted
    I am building a temperature control system. The device should detect temperatures of 130C for 10 minutes and then shut off. If it detects 150C there should also shut off. Hardware: 2 Thermocouples will read the temperatures of 2 heating elements. The Thermocouple Analog to digital conversion is done through MAX31855 chip. It will then be processed through the Arduino to control the heaters (with PID controlling) There will be an LCD screen showing the temperature readings of the thermocouple ...
  • Hourly – Less than 1 month – Less than 10 hrs/week – Posted
    Hello, I am looking for someone who can draw a schematic to be printed on a circuit board for an electromagnetic sensor. The sensor will use parts from I currently have the design working on an Arduino Uno board, but need to have it printed on a custom circuit board. It will consist of: 1. Sensor A breakout board for this part with Schematic and Eagle Files already ...
  • Fixed-Price – Est. Budget: $105.00 Posted
    +Modify a digital input. Eg. input is only active if the voltage goes beyond 0.4V +Add a voltage measurement to the code and show the measured voltage on the LCD display. +Add a 3 seconds intro text using a specified font +Add a relay control according to the position of an analog potentiometer +Add a code to read temperature using a DS18B20 temp sensor +Add a code to read the pressure using a pressure sensor
  • Fixed-Price – Est. Budget: $500.00 Posted
    Need to use ESP8266 Serial WiFi module to transfer data, up to 2 Mbyte, to Android App and save to a file. Use NavSpark Arduino compatible development board to program the ESP8266. Another Android App is needed to receive the data over WiFi and save to a file. Thus two programs are needed: C program for NavSpark and an Android App for smartphone. The data transfer time should be as short as possible. The distance from ESP8266 device to Android ...
  • Fixed-Price – Est. Budget: $50.00 Posted
    Bad news first, I guess.... It has to be done by 10am Saturday morning, Feb. 28. Good news is I am linking a page that has pretty much all the coding you will need for the interfunctionality between the two boards! This only appears to take the initial commands from buttons wired to the Arduino instead of a sketch processing commands from other sources. (remote control via USB-bluetooth in this case.) An example ...
  • Fixed-Price – Est. Budget: $80.00 Posted
    I'm on a mac, not that it matters. I have a small Arduino project I'm working on that where I'm using two ultrasonic sensors to check the water level of two water tanks. Then when one tank is low turn on an electronic valve to fill the tank. I have the code mostly working but just need some help getting it perfect as this is my first time coding arduino. The UltraSensor =