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  • Hourly – Less than 1 week – Less than 10 hrs/week – Posted
    I am looking for someone who has experience with audio and Teensy. I have a fairly simple project where I want a mic to pic up audio, amplify it and send it to a speaker, while that is happening I want to do a simple sound analysis, then play a wav sample on top of the sound based on the analysis. I am looking for someone who would be available on a ongoing basis.
  • Hourly – Less than 1 month – 30+ hrs/week – Posted
    Hello, i have a project which includes Arduino * 2 - 3 analogue sensors * 1 - 2 digital sensors * GSP/GPRS SHIELD * RFID Shiled * OLED or TFT display send data so ftp, so it can be parsed on a website also device must be able to communicate via SMS for controling sensors , stzatus , states etc ... I need a person who can advice which hardware components to use and write a program for this project with all those componets which work with certain logic ...
  • Hourly – Less than 1 week – Less than 10 hrs/week – Posted
    What is the project ? the project is to make a sensor network with RFM22B and arduino mini pro components: We have three different nodes: 1- Sensor networks: including a arduino mini + RFM22B + Some Sensor 2- Main nodes: including arduino mini + RFM22B 3- GSM module : including arduino mini + RFM22B + GSM module What has been done : 1- Some sensors which provide some data you need to send 2- The code for RFM22B the way it sends and receives informations from other nodes ...
  • Hourly – 1 to 3 months – 10-30 hrs/week – Posted
    We are looking for programmers who is living in KYIV UKRAINE. Tech task is written in Russian so please do not answer if you are NOT LIVING in Kyiv. We are looking for experienced C++ programmer who can write code and assemble arduino based platform for electric vehicle to save info about Volt/ampere characteristics, movement info(geolocation), operational characteristics etc.
  • Hourly – More than 6 months – 10-30 hrs/week – Posted
    We are in search of an arduino developer to assist us with our iOS project. We are currently developing and iOS application to remotely control an arduino with a USB Host and Bluetooth shields. Arduino Developer will be responsible for helping to integrate the Bluetooth pairing with the iOS app. Arduino Developer will be responsible for developing a PTP library for use with the USB Host controller to control Canon Rebel cameras.
  • Hourly – Less than 1 month – Less than 10 hrs/week – Posted
    Need an Arduino Programming expert. Must understand the JeeNode controller and RF12 stack. Must have electronics background and understand program control flow and error isolation.
  • Hourly – 1 to 3 months – 10-30 hrs/week – Posted
    This is a proof of concept project to demonstrate using bluetooth to control another device. This proof of concept will result in a much larger future engagement. There is two parts to this project, the first part is the hardware: Create a simple arduino (or raspberry pi) circuit that use bluetooth to connect to a PC. The device will need to have 4-pins outs: Left (low-high) and Right (low-high) that can have varying voltage from 0V-5V. The second part is ...
  • Hourly – More than 6 months – Less than 10 hrs/week – Posted
    We are a Prop making company located in Canoga Park Los Angeles CA. We are looking for an electronics engineer (Degree not a must as long as you know what you are doing) that can program Arduino boards or similar boards. Our props need programming/some electronic fabrication to activate lights, magnetic triggers to open doors etc. Part time, Freelancers are welcome. Work out of our shop or yours.
  • Hourly – 3 to 6 months – 10-30 hrs/week – Posted
    Hey everyone! My name if Michael I am a software designer, and I am looking for a hardware designer to help me build a wireless recording device. Here is a quick overview of the specs: - Small recording device. - Turned off by default. - Turns on and starts recording it's surroundings with one click. - Sends the recording in real-time (has to be instant) to a server. - Turns off with another click. Please tell me what you think, and if you could ...