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Fixed-Price - Est. Budget: $ 30 Posted
I need someone proficient in PureBasic to translate a C header file into PureBasic .pb file and test and verify that the PureBasic .pb file will allow our library to be used by PureBasic developers. There are 26 functions, 27 constants, and 2 structs.... more

Fixed-Price - Est. Budget: $ 50 Posted
I would like to model the simple flow of Galinstan (a liquid metal at room temperature through a small diameter tube. (1/16" smooth pipe). I will provide flow rates, they will be laminar. I would prefer this... more

Fixed-Price - Est. Budget: $ 100 Posted
We need to add a small function to our current mobile app. This function will perform a cell phone verification purpose. During the user registration, a verification code has been sent to a cell phone, then the user will use it to complete the registration... more

Fixed-Price - Est. Budget: $ 120 Posted
We need a professional game programmer to help in developing Multiplayer Card Game called nertz. Looks like this We can do a deal about prize

Fixed-Price - Est. Budget: $ 100 Posted
i have an old windows exploit that use buffer overflow and i need some help to debug it, so that i can see the memory corruption in the stack on real time using debugger. it's a well knowen exploit, and very documented in the web. i accepted new odesk... more

Fixed-Price - Est. Budget: $ 60 Posted
We need to take the design from the front page: And implement it on the categories, products and checkout page. Right now the design on the categories is: In... more

Fixed-Price - Est. Budget: $ 10 Posted
Hello there, I need five 300-word-articles in the subjects below. These articles should be written in English in form of a list. Please do your research but I need original content, please do not cut and paste. I need an easy language and pleasant... more

Fixed-Price - Est. Budget: $ 10 Posted
Good evening, My name is Mia James. I am looking for a person to create an EXACT copy of this website ( The website is really simple. It includes a few sub-pages (with text) and a blog and contact area. Also, there... more

Fixed-Price - Est. Budget: $ 20 Posted
Hello, I need someone who knows how to implement Bing's dynamic revenue tracking. I've tried implementing this, but unfortunately it doesn't really work that well.