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  • Hourly – More than 6 months – Less than 10 hrs/week – Posted
    We are looking for a KiCad expert to work as a supportive role in our development. You need to have a few years of experience with electrical layout and KiCad in particular. You will also be required to be able to produce new footprints and 3D models from within KiCad. When applying, please remember to answer all our questions below to be considered!
  • Hourly – Less than 1 month – Less than 10 hrs/week – Posted
    Hi, I'm working on a design for a portable fan unit and need a simple pcb board designed for the prototype. The device is a rechargeable battery power Fan which will switch on for a fixed period of time. It will power on by contact with a touch sensitive power switch or movement detected by a low powered proximity sensor. Will need to also have a charging circuit with, low power / charging / fully charged indication. More detailed functional spec ...
  • Hourly – Less than 1 week – Less than 10 hrs/week – Posted
    Please find attached the problem you have to solve and the lecture notes for the power analysis module. I would like : a MATLAB solution a mathematical solution written in a word document a report for the solution the deadline is 29th of april. Please let me know how much you can do it for. thanks
  • Hourly – Less than 1 week – 10-30 hrs/week – Posted
    Trying to custom design a linear alternator similar to ( http://www.moticont.com/hollow-voice-coil-motor.htm ) Eventually, I would like to get a research report that tells me what kind of force required to create what kind of current. If only 3 inch of stroke is allowed what is the optimized size of coil that is suitable for force as high as 300 pounds.
  • Hourly – Less than 1 month – 10-30 hrs/week – Posted
    1. The goal of the project: Design a countdown timer PCB that can interface with a smartphone that is small enough to be worn as a ring or wristband. 2. Rough specification: PCB should aim to be smaller than 20mm x 40mm x 15mm (this is open to discussion and dependant on functionality and cost). Microcontroller Vibration motor 4 push buttons Bluetooth capability Power source LEDs Header to allow for re-programming of microcontroller 3. Function description: The user can set ...
  • Hourly – 1 to 3 months – 10-30 hrs/week – Posted
    A Los Angeles inventor is searching for an innovative, dependable and focused electrical engineer to help prototype a new product. The candidate should be a current undergraduate, or recent graduate, of a university electrical engineering program. The ideal partner for this position is someone who can perform all design responsibilities for a project, from conception to completion. This position will involve designing a prototype, sourcing and pricing all parts, and assembling a working model of this small product. We are ...
  • Hourly – 1 to 3 months – Less than 10 hrs/week – Posted
    Advice needed on development of electronic hardware PCB to be sold to mass market suppliers. the advice i need is mostly on the most power efficient and bug-free ways of device communication. I have no experience in this field but a small knowledge of different methods. I do not require face-to-face meet's but they are fine if that is what you prefer. Skype is preferable, to save logistical hassle. Before any detailed talk, you will be required to sign ...