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  • Hourly – 3 to 6 months – 30+ hrs/week – Posted
    I am carrying out detailed scientific research and I need and expert who: 1. Can design a survey 2. Can analyze and tabulate results 3.Has experience in analyzing different groups of data and making accurate conclusions. This is position is longterm-3-6 months ***I am looking for individual with expertise in science based research(Hypothesis, experiment, conclusion,) this is not internet research*** Position Open for Immediate Hire
  • Hourly – Less than 1 week – 30+ hrs/week – Posted
    OVERVIEW We need a skilled statistician & data analyst to help us 1. enter data into SPSS, and 2. answer some questions for us by analysing the data. DETAILS We have an excel data source on our employees that not only reflects their performance in a variety of areas, but also contains some information that we use to profile them. We have 3 training groups (N=12, N=7, N=7) and 1 control group (N=14), and we want to ...
  • Hourly – Less than 1 month – 10-30 hrs/week – Posted
    BACKGROUND: Our company performs market research using head-mounted cameras such as Google Glass. We record participants performing tasks as diverse as cooking, walking around supermarkets, reading newspapers and cleaning their houses. We then annotate the video footage with points of interest - the ingredients they're adding to the frying pan, the aisle of the supermarket they're currently in, the page they're looking at in the newspaper. We then analyse this data, breaking it down according to our participants ...
  • Hourly – Less than 1 week – Less than 10 hrs/week – Posted
    The requirements include doing statistical analysis using SPSS for a 20-question survey for 200 participants, Interpreting statistical, preparing tables and graphs as appropriate. Thank you
  • Hourly – Less than 1 month – 10-30 hrs/week – Posted
    Hello, This job requires inputting data into a .sav spreadsheet in order for me to conduct an SPSS analysis. A survey has been conducted and there are 175 responses. Each input requires the data for 15 questions to be entered. The questions are in the attached PDF document. Demographic variables are questions 84-94 age, race, country of birth, religion, level of religious belief, months employed, education, sex, shift, stress, job satisfaction. Dependent variables are questions 67, 68, 69 and 70 ...
  • Hourly – Less than 1 week – 30+ hrs/week – Posted
    Need someone to dedicate their time for the next 3 days to SPSS analysis. I have everything else just need someone to input the data and hypothesis into spss and analyse it for me. WILL PAY A LOT OF MONEY
  • Hourly – More than 6 months – 30+ hrs/week – Posted
    Quantitative Research Assistant Description: We are a US-based market research company seeking an entrepreneurial individual to operate as a quantitative research assistant within our quantitative team. The position is full-time and home-based. Responsibilities: • Preparing contact lists for our email and phone market research survey efforts • Survey programming and testing in Surveygizmo. • Monitoring survey in the field for data quality. • Cleaning data and preparing the data output for data analysis. • Analyzing the data in SPSS. • Preparing charts in excel. • Creating PowerPoint ...