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    Conduct a survey on the web miming algorithms and its problems. every algorithm must be described clearly containing the definitions , the code of each algorithm and how the code work including the formulas , and what is its advantages and dis advantages and what it used for by example and applications by example and what is the problems for each algorithm. -The survey must be not less than 60 Page. - the survey must have ( Abstract ,Introduction ,Content ,Conclusion ,References)
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    Need programmer for Matlab coding, I need to do some optimizations and minimizing the error generated based on proposed variables.
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    The purpose of this project is to model a 1 degree‐of‐freedom robot arm “A Pendulum Robot arm”, using Simulink and try to follow a desired position trajectory. You should note that the angle Teta in the figure in page 2 is limited to 1 Rad which is about 57 degrees. Additionally the Sin(Teta) is not an oscillator, is a Sin function of the output of the Pendulum. The pdf attached describes what is to be done.
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    Take some random data and than modulate the data by using continous phase modulator (CPM). after CPM modulation pass the modulated data through a narrow channel with 25 khz bandwidth. use 4 samples per symbols and 72kbps. at the reciever side recieve the data and do CPM demodulation by passing the data through CPM demodulator with low error probability and high data rate. remember that our project approaches that we will pass high data rates through narrowband channel i-e 25 ...
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    The required coding project is related with video processing and data hiding, the main aim is to protect video from pirate copy distribution. The general idea of the design should be similar to the attached paper which describe the situation applied to stereoscopic frames. My project would be slightly different to this one, the full requirement and description with more documents will be handed to the recruited freelancer. MATLAB or C++ preferred to this job. Detailed documentation for all used ...
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    Hi, I need a Behind the Wall Target detection project. There are many similar projects. I have attached some of them on the attachments below and I need a basic project like detecting a target behind the wall. Matlab should be use during the project. Programmer must be proficient in MATLAB. Detection can be done in 2D. - Programmer must deliver the following outputs: - An output of object behind the wall. (It can be a basic triangle) - Signals on frequency and ...
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    Four files have been posted for process model and control analysis. Note time is elapsed time column. The input step changes are for current density in mA/cm^2 and cathode or air flowrate in SLPM (convert to per cell to be able to compare 8 cell and 4 cell data). The output variables for which the process models or transfer functions have to be obtained are cell voltage (or stack voltage divided by number of cells) and cathode or ...