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    as agreed
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    I want to enhance an image which has been corrupted with speckle noise by using a dictionary technique, the input image should be of size 256x256 or 512x512. the output image should be distinct from the input image that is to say the output should be the enhanced version of the input image. Again the input image should be an image which has been corrupted with speckle or an image that we can add speckle noise to it in different ...
  • Hourly – Less than 1 week – 10-30 hrs/week – Posted
    I am looking for a MATLAB guru. I need to write a script that will generate pink noise, capture the output through a microphone, and run an FFT. A short burst (1 second) of noise is sufficient, and time-of-flight is very short (less than a millisecond). I would want to be able to save a given measurement and use it as a reference for future measurements, to see if I have a certain level of consistency. For example, take a ...
  • Hourly – 3 to 6 months – 10-30 hrs/week – Posted
    Looking for someone who is proficient in MATLAB working with MATLAB Server application. We are working with the Financial Side of MATLAB and must be able to calculate these functions. On each portfolio at the same time. Yield to Maturity Yield to Call Modified Duration Effective Duration Convexity Internal Rate of Return Total Return And all other fixed income calculations Our website and iPad app runs will run these and other calculations. Here is a sample of fixed income calculations ...
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    The program should be applicable for any digital image. Suppose we take any image from Internet and then copy or move some part from that image to any other area inside that image using photoshop or any other tool. In this case also, the image should show from where that the part is copied / moved and then pasted. ATTACHED SCREENSHOT OF THE REQUIRED OUTPUT
  • Hourly – More than 6 months – Less than 10 hrs/week – Posted
    Writing matlab functions and various code to help manipulate large data sets and time series. Financial data grouping, time series creation, signals, lots of fun!! You must be good in English and even better in Matlab.
  • Fixed-Price – Est. Budget: $800.00 Posted
    We need a generic algo which function as a windows app that will log into a specific MS-SQL2008 database and within +/-3 accurately 'predict' a "1" or "0" within a specific data set based on sub-sequences of that data within another data set.. Text Example (Also please see image example). 'prediction' data set 1 - 0,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,1 'sub-sequence' data set 2 - 0,1,0,-1,1,1,-1 ...
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    Please have a look at the attachment to understand this project. The selected DataSet is also attached along in .txt file. Preferred Visualizations of this DataSet are in the form of (1. Bar Charts, 2. Bubble Chart, 3. Scatterplot) To get a better idea about the visualizations of this DataSet please read the attached file carefully & visit the following link then click on 'VISUALIZE'.
  • Hourly – 1 to 3 months – 10-30 hrs/week – Posted
    Dear candidates, The goal of this project is to design and implement a data analysis framework to apply Wavelet Transform related methods to analyse ECG data. As a result, each person will have his own "personalized" ECG distribution. Such distribution is then can be used for comparing between others and detection of abnormal status. Candidates much be expert in Matlab, Wavelet Transform, Machine learning etc.