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    We are looking to develop a simple GUI for our wave pool instrumentation. The GUI would plot a series of theoretical time series curves. A variety of analog differential pressure transducers in the wave pool feeds signals to the GUI and plots the measured values compared to the theoretical values. Program logic will also calculate correlation values. The display will operate in real time so that on fly adjustments to the wave generation equipment is reflected on screen. The programmer ...
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    Question: Development of 2 simple functions in MATLAB for road sign detection in any given image Requirement: A. Function 1: should be able to detect road signs in a given image based on road sign color (standard colors: green, red, yellow signs) Function should read the image, detect the area where the color matches road signs colors B. Function 2: should be able to detect road signs in a given image based on shapes. Function should read the image and ...
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    Vertical average loading rate is the slope of the line from 20 % to 80 % of the stance time to the impact peak and the vertical instantaneous loading rate is the maximum slope of the VGRF between 20 % and 80 % point.
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    I have a matlab program and I need someone friendly with Matlab and OFDM to comment it and make it more comprehensive
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    I'm looking for a writer who could compose a 5 pages assignment for me. Here are the details: A simple method based on Newton’s identities arid their extensions is presented for determining the actual minimum distance of cyclic codes. More significantly, it is shown that this method also provides a mechanism for generating the type of syndrome matrices needed by Feng and Tzeng’s new procedure for decoding cyclic and BCH codes up to their actual minimum distance ...
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    Hello Matlab experts, I need a code to select the same single pixel of multiple time shifted mr images. This pixel information should be used to plot a 2 dimensional diagram (time vs. intensity) with the code and images within the appendix. The main task will be to implement the pixel information into the attached already constructed script for the bi- exponential decay (T2). Please let me know if you are experienced within this kind of work and the time ...
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    We having a requirement to solve IEEE papers in power system,Power Electronics,Control System in simulation and Coding. Strong in power system matlab coding base papers,Ability to develop any IEEE paper in both PE and PS.Moreover Strong command in matlab programming.
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    Matlab or Labview simulation for 2 tasks: 1st Task: satellite reaction wheel control using Fuzzy and also disturbamnce compensation including a simulink model or labview model for the system 2nd task satellite attitude control using Reaction wheel (RW) including a simulink model for the satellite and that for the RW giving the results for attitude control you can apply to one task only
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    i have some codes and i need some modifications on these codes in materials science they are related to mesh a composite material. for more details you can contact with me
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    A Region of Interest needs to be detected in a digital mammogram and classified as benign or cancerous. The background has already been moved from the mammogram however need help applying an algorithm to find the ROI and classify it. This needs to be done in MATLAB.