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    read the file attached
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    Hello every One ; I am looking for someone who's understand Math and know how to use MATLAB very Well. What I need is to translate some math formula to MATLAB programme All the Steps of the project is inside the attachment file . Am looking for the professional in matlab field don't waste my time if you dont Know how to use it. Good Luck for everyOne Regards
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    I need to make a matlab code run faster. Simple code with a some bottle necks. You should have experience with scientific matlab programming. Experience creating C functions to be called from matlab is desirable. Pay will be contingent of speed improvements: Cut run time in 50%: $100 Cut run time in 50%-25%: $125 Cut run time to 25%-1%: $150 Cut run time <1%: $300 For an experienced coder this should be simple stuff.
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    Hi, Searching for a Student with degree with good grade. (or at least who would dare above 85% when learning and sleeping sufficiently before exams ) - And majoring in math or minor computer science [or any other Field if my idea below should be able to inspire you] TASK: Present the greatest possible part of all your studies in the shortest possible way. That probably is complex mindmaps without long text: A) Try to map only the concept data stored in ...
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    A couple of algorithms need to be programmed using Matlab. - Steady state fluid profile of velocities over a plain bottom using the method of lines scheme (sample code for reference could be provided). Inputs are viscosity of the fluid and maximum velocity far from the bottom. Both plot output and file output will be available. - 1D steady state heat equation using finite element method (sample code for reference could be provided) and its comparison against the analytical solution. Both plot ...
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    The objective of the project is to numerically solve the conductive heat transfer equation in 3-dimensions for a rectangular fin of uniform cross-section. Two different numerical methods such as explicit finite difference method and implicit finite difference method will be used on MATLAB and final results from these two methods will be compared to analyze that which of the two methods is the best one for solving heat conduction problems in fins.
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    Hi Its basically an assignment in which, load analysis of a 26 Bus bars has to be done using two software's.One software to derive the solutions and the other one to verify them the software's that can be used are: 1. Matlab. 2. PScad. 3.Power Factory. Matlab can be used to verify the solutions and one of the other 2 can be used to derive the solutions initially. The solutions must be derived using either Gauss ...
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    You just need to create a confusion matrix from the data well arranged in excel sheet. It will not take more than 10 minutes for some one who knows what he is doing.