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    Hello, I am looking for helps in the following program: 1. Read Excel Spreadsheet Data from Matab. 2. Conduct data analysis (empirical distribution functions, statistical dominance) 3. Conduct model analysis (bootstrap, simulations) We already have a working program. It is just necessary to extend the program to a larger scale of data and for refinements on estimation methods.
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    Hi, I currently have Openholdem poker bot and it uses profiles in .OHF format but I would like to give my poker bot A.I so that it can play poker with the ability to learn while having access to a large database such as Poker Tracker4 to use while in the game play to make decisions. I have found that all the parts to make the A.I as it is not hard but I just need someone to ...
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    I have to run the network model in Discrete mode in power gui and see that the network can be stable after adding and removing fault with the help of SVC and POD. I will give you the discrete model which is partially working, your job will be to make SVC and POD work with PSS = 0 in position and make the system stable. After doing that you have document how you changed the parameters of SVC and POD and ...
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    Steps:- 1. System of (3) sub-systems related together with Fuzzy Logic specifications. Each subsystem has several inputs and several outputs. 2. This is an application interface design that allows the user to input the requested data, some of which will be used in subsequent calculations, and others will be used to research existing data base for intermediate results 3. Mathematical Modelling of system of systems and each subsystem with above specifications 3. Finding function of above system (Relating function with ...
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    I just need to check my working out.
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    We need a generic algorithm written which will also function as a windows application that will log into a specific MS-SQL2008 database and within +/-3 accurately 'predict' a "1" or "0" within a specific data set based on sub-sequences of that data within another data set.. 1st Example of a COMPLETED pattern. 'prediction' Z data set - (1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,0) 'sub-sequence' F data set - (-1,0,-1,1,-1,-1,-1,-1) ---- (Also please ...
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    Overview ------------- We are looking for a developer to take the technique proposed in the referenced white paper called 'Image Zoning' (a nudity detection technique), and develop it into a simple Java script able to be implemented into a larger application. Skin Tone detection and Pantone Colour Skin Tone detection is also required, showing the resulting % of skin detected in the image (link below) . This is basically a detection of certain colour from images. Script Overview ---------------------- The script must be able ...
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    Matalb code to color gray scale image using pseudo color and write about 2-5 pages about this process include brief history as well as code explanation . Regards