Microsoft Access Jobs

Fixed-Price - Est. Budget: $ 120 Posted
We need an effective Communications Specialist to create a strong client relationship with our artist clientele, to attract them and keep them. These are the tasks that need to be completed on a monthly basis. This is a long term, ongoing opportunity... more

Fixed-Price - Est. Budget: $ 3,000 Posted
I receive thousands of Pipe-Delimited text files. They have header which tells file data ID (The ID which refers to a data template), time stamp and from whom and to whom it was sent. The data templates are defiles and there can be around 150 data templates.... more

Fixed-Price - Est. Budget: $ 40 Posted
Hi, I am looking for a database for our computer repair centre. It needs to Store customers and their computers. An address can have multiple residents, each resident can have multiple devices, each device can have multiple repair records. When... more

Fixed-Price - Est. Budget: $ 400 Posted
I would like to be able to have an access database build to support an enrollment process for new customers. I currently use 3 different excel spreadsheets to manage the process. I like the idea of an access database that we can input the data,... more

Fixed-Price - Est. Budget: $ 20 Posted
Looking for someone who is expert in excel developing scripts VBA Developing automatic reports from excel database Creating excel document that can be used as template Important that he can work in pacific time zone and work with us as part of... more

Fixed-Price - Est. Budget: $ 20 Posted
On the basis of a new system concept (will be given by me), you have to do the following things:- Phase: System Representation – Design Object: Design the logical model A. Summary a. Quick summary of the system design, what will the system do B.... more

Fixed-Price - Est. Budget: $ 300 Posted
Summary: We currently have MS Access Database wherein we store the Shipment Details of the customers which includes Invoice Date, Invoice #, Customer Account Number, Transaction Date, etc. Together, they are over 1 gigabytes. We are looking to have... more

Fixed-Price - Est. Budget: $ 40 Posted
I am looking for VBA who can create Relational Database with Microsoft Access/Excel. I want to able to save, view, update, and delete queries on below completed HTML page: The reason I want to use Microsoft Access/Excel... more