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    Goal of the proposed iris recognition is to recognize human identity througb the textural characteristics of one's iris muscular patterns. Even though eye color is dependent on heredity, in contrast to this, iris is independent and uncorrelated even for twins. Out of various biometrics such as f'mger and band geometry, face, ear and voice recognition, iris recognition has been acknowledged as one of the most accurate biometric modalities because of its high recognition rate. In this proposed iris ...
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    given the vhdl code it has to be implemented on virtex 5 borad first task is to explain me about the board second to implement on it and finally helping me to check the results by implementing it on board
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    Hello , I work to build a positioning machine like this link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XMbwS52NkQ also see this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWUQ4dEgT-k I work with altera cpld,keypad 4*4 ,lcd 16\2 , limit switch ,stepper motor and M542 stepper driver I work with Quartus software I attach my PDF plan - read it carefully let me know if you can program vhdl code for this kind of machine and how we can proceed ...
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    writing the semivariogram code in vhdl description of the topic will be provided and explained
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    I need a freelancer who is proficient in VHDL. This for a school prject. Please be available to talk over skype, i will give material as well, once price is agreed upon.
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    I have a source code it work in DE0 FPGA I need company have FPGA expert guy have in hands a more powerfull FPGA to run this code, bid telling what is the FPGA model you have that is the most powerfull