$2,000 Wkly...Outbound Campaign (Verified Sales Track Record)

$2,000 Wkly...Outbound Campaign (Verified Sales Track Record)


Job Description

Hey, we have the absolute best option for a Sales Account.

The bottom line for a Sales Campaign is...it's all about results.
RESULTS are the # of new accounts and the # of new customers
generated at the end of day.


*How about this...we pay your center $2,000.00 weekly to develop
(7) new account per day or DAILY.

*With $2,000 ..you project how many of your BEST sale reps needed,
will be needed, since you know your team best.

*In sales you need to have the absolute best natural English communication
skills, without ANY ascents and a BIG personality, .

*Your center must GUARANTEE (7) new accounts for every day of
the week.

*Any sales over (7) is a bonus for that day.

*Since you are managing the Sales Campaign...you need your OWN
various sources of leads and lead vendors, to sustain ANY successful
sales campaign long term.

*We provide a tough and brutal product sales training with 10 to 12 of
your best Sales Reps. Sales training is NOT for a CSR. A CSR will not
survive this type of product Sales Training......

*Sales Agents needs to be smart, BIG personality that easily builds
rapport, articulate communicator and quick thinkers with a sales mindset.

This a great new account for a sales contact center with a successful
sales track record.

Skills: training, csr, english