$900 Per Sign Up for Online Marketing


Job Description


You promote our program in a non-spam way online
You have a way to track your leads
You get paid for leads that sign up


This is a real commission based sales job for someone that believes that they can match people to our live-in Martial Arts and Leadership Program. See the program you would be promoting here:


You tell others about us and we give you a percentage of that sale.

As a NinjaGym® affiliate make $1000 per sale for our live-in martial arts college program

This is great for someone that is comfortable promoting online.

Tell people about our Martial Arts Training Programs/Camps. We do all the work for you to complete the sale. If they sign up, you get $1,000 per sale.

Do you know how to reach people online who:

* Enjoys training in the Martial Arts or would like to become a Fitness Instructor?

* Wants to get in shape, lose weight, stay healthy and young?

* Likes outdoor adventures and traveling to new places?

* Does not do well in traditional school environment or looking for an alternative education – School of Life?

* Can benefit from personal growth experience by spending some doing something new or exotic?

* Would like a change of lifestyle?

* Would like to retire and live on an exotic island with a low cost of living?

* Needs to get through a difficult time in their life?

Tell them about our Martial Arts or Leadership programs in Thailand and make money helping others to improve their lives!

We offer you an opportunity to introduce our program to someone you know that may be interested in attending our live in martial arts camp for one or many of the following reasons:

Get a variety of martial arts training
Take a break to get in shape
Take a vacation and learn something new
Learn to be a martial arts instructor

Here is a quick sample text:

Hello, my name is Rick Tew and I run and operate the worlds first multi-martial arts vocational training camp that incorporates a mental success system as well as outdoor adventure.


We have been featured in Black Belt Magazine teaching specific skills from our Martial Science programs as well as being in this business for more than 20 years.

We are focused on changing lives and not just teaching people to throw a few punches and kicks (though we do that too).

Who would benefit from this type of program?

Consider not only martial artists, but also adventures that like to travel, maybe people that want to see Thailand and live on a tropical island or people from other countries that would like to visit the United States and learn a new skill.

Our program gives participants the opportunity to escape distractions. Many students will be attending with a specific goal in mind. This could be to become a martial arts instructor, lose weight, get in better shape, improve their memory, adventure, balance out the spirit etc.

How about teenagers and adult youths that need some guidance or direction? Or kids that quit school and need a solution for an education that can make a difference in their lives. There are many people in the unschooling market that are looking for programs like this.

How about people that don’t fit into the typical work life structure and would like to learn a new skill, live a different life or perhaps become an instructor.

Some people may just need a break from life and embark on a new adventure as a distraction until they can get back on track.

Very often, just changing the environment is enough to inspire and ensure change for an individual.

Maybe your interest is also in adventure and by being passionate about helping us get people out of the COLD and into the WARM waters of Thailand

You need to reach the people that want change and will invest in their lives too.

If you do enough PROMOTION, these people will find you.

The only real challenge is PROMOTION and getting the idea into the eyes of those to consider. It needs to focus on their needs. What are people thinking about right now? Are they getting COLD and the thought of Thailand would be great? Are they bored and the thought of learning a new skill would be great?

What is the fastest way to reach the most people who WANT something like this?

See this as a BUSINESS – your own PROMOTIONAL business. Could you get 10 students in one month for $10,000 reward?


Q: How can I sign up 10 people in 1 month?
Q: How can I introduce people that want change in their lives to this program?

There are people that are just in a tough period in their lives and they need a shock to break them free. We can help people with their Life challenges too. There are many reasons that people will want to attend our programs.

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