[AP_UK] For UK owners of blogs for property and cars topics!

[AP_UK] For UK owners of blogs for property and cars topics!


Job Description


I'm looking for blogs in the auto and real estate topics that meet the conditions:
- every blog has Google PR more than 0
- each website or blog should be more than 1 year
- each website or blog must be in UK domain area (.co.uk)
- no one blog or site will not be repeated with my list. The list of sites that I have used for my link building project, I will provide later if you agree to the deal.
- I'm interested only in those blogs that are willing to host sponsored or guest articles

P.S. If you want to provide a list of such blogs, then name the price, the number of blogs, the topic (cars or/and property) and the time in which you can find such a list. Each blog will be strictly moderated by me, and I pay only a fixed price for a certain number of blogs. The maximum advance of 10%.

In the description of task I set a fixed price for a list of 50 blogs of one subject. Price negotiable (originally $0.4 per blog), depends on your offer.

Best regards,