(Adult Content) Personal Assistant

(Adult Content) Personal Assistant


Job Description

The job is listed as adult content because of nature of my business. I am a publisher and a good portion of my business is selling erotica so you need to be very comfortable with this type of material.

Your application should convince me that you are capable of handling any task I throw your way. If you are based in a western country where the cost of living is high this is probably not for you unless you want to work cheap in order to build up your profile on odesk. If that is the case think of this as a minimally paid internship.

Make the first words in your application "I read this" or else I will assume you didn't and in the trash it goes as I will assume you either didn't read the ad or worse yet you read it and can't follow instructions.

Oh and if you can't speak English well enough to properly craft a cover letter than you really shouldn't bother.

Skills: english

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