.NET developer with adobe document libraries experience required


Job Description

We are a north american based MNC company looking for a few .NET developers to work in an on-demand basis in a slow pace for a long period.

We are looking for someone who could work in our large scale .NET project to complete tasks in an on-demand basis. Candidates with Strong MS SQL Server knowledge is preferable. Experience in working with Adobe documents in .NET environment is a plus.

Meeting timeline, working with remote project team, independently working based on tasks, feedback, ownership oriented work are key aspects of our long time commitments. Proficiency in English (Source code documentation, understanding the documentations and specifications independently, etc) is required.

You can demonstrate your skills by completing the following task. Everyone who successfully perform the following will be communicated and selected for preferably a Skype Video Interview or interview by phone with the senior project members.

Even though we need only two Candidates at this time, all qualified candidates will be placed into our prospect candidates list and be communicated as needed basis. If you are interested, please do the following assignment, send the time taken for this assignment along with this.

1.) Read a pdf document and convert into xml. and remove the outdated watermark on pdf (convertex xml).
2.) Replace outdated watermark into new watermark on the xml generated on step 1.
4.) Resave the file item (2) into html.
5.) Resave the item 3.) into pdf.
6.) The input of file names (path) and output files name to be converted will be an external file or spreadsheet. So that we need a batch program that perform these conversation.

The following is a path to completion. However, your code/method can be totally innovative.

You can use Adobe XI with the following modified code.
http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobatstandard.html - Adobe
30 days trial version can be downloaded here.

using Acrobat;
using AcrobatAccessLib;

Public static void converttoXml()
AcroAVDoc adoc = new AcroAVDoc();
AcroPDDoc pdoc = new AcroPDDoc();

string pdffile =@”C:\source.pdf”;
string outputfile=@”C:\target.xml”;



pdoc = (AcroPDDoc)adoc.GetPDDoc();
object js = pdoc.GetJSObject();
js = pdoc.GetJSObject();
Type T = js.GetType();

object[] saveAsParam = {outputfile ,"com.adobe.acrobat.xml-1-00" };

BindingFlags.InvokeMethod |
BindingFlags.Public |
null, js, saveAsParam);

if (adoc.IsValid())

string vFile=pdoc.GetFileName();

if (vFile != string.Empty)


Skills: .net, pdf

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