** Performance Based SEO Job **


Job Description

*** This is not an hourly contract - Payments are based on monthly targets ***
**** Only reply once you read - Check Attachment ****

We are looking for an experienced e-commerce professional to manage our online growth efforts. Please send a short answer with specific information of your P.Rank accomplishments with last 3 clients,

You'll be responsible for developing, manage and measure some of our e-commerce efforts.

Duties include and are not limited to:

- Develop, manage and measure e-commerce efforts
- Analyze WEEKLY/ monthly website traffic performance and make adjustments for improvement (Using tools such as Alexa & Spyfu)
- Create weekly ROI reports for all projects
- Achieve specific revenue quotas on existing clients and new sales
- Meet all milestones specified by us

Job Requirements:
- Minimum 2-3 year e-commerce/ online marketing experience and references
- Proven track record managing organic SEO results
- Ability to multi task and work on a very dynamic environment
- Highly organize and Results oriented is a MUST
- Experience with Yahoo Stores or other HTML e-commerce platforms

Please be ready for a quick phone interview. Mention the word 'Poland' at the start of your response to eliminate spammers. Payment for this job will be based on achievement of milestones. Budget $800 per month.

(You must be able to call US numbers via Skype or any other tool) If you can't call us, don't bother answering this email. Also please NO COPY & PASTE replies

Further Info -Very Important

about the project

we're not interested in the micro details meaning how many back links, how many blog posts ect

What we'd be doing is giving you a target - We have site visit data and no of sales and we'd ask you to improve it by a % It's up to you to decide how many of what you'll be doing We have to explain this to you correctly so that you don't waste our time or we don't waste yours

Example: See Attachment

We have access to our store back end & analytics and we can give you the site visit / data weekly

So that you're on track. The monthly target will be a % increase on the previous month

Also if you over achieve there'll be a bonus on top of the agreed payment - ex: if you're target is 100 if you get 110 you get a bonus on the extra 10%

At the start of the month we'll tell u what the target is so that you know what you need to hit every week

say your target is a 25% increase you hit 20%

Also the payment will be accordingly

but if you miss the target 5 weeks in a row we'll terminate your contract.

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