"Proof of Concept" corporate teaser video

"Proof of Concept" corporate teaser video


Job Description

I am meeting with a potential client at end of week, and I need a "proof of concept" video to show them at meeting as an example. I am envisioning something like:

- 30 secs max.
- catchy/upbeat/inspiring music
- incorporating some degree of motion graphics and/or animated type effects
- incorporation of some images we can get from their website

I need it in a format I can easily import into imovie11 and add a voiceover (unless you think you can do that too).

Some info about the company/video:
- they are a restaurant and a catering service
- the video is to promote their catering services for weddings
- the video would be on youtube (web quality)
- the script would be something like:
- looking for a caterer for your wedding?
- consider letting XYZ company cater your event.
- we've been serving the XYZ area since blah blah blah
- we have the best food and we're the most fun!
- Let us make your special day memorable
- contact XYZ for more information
- they are a fun, social-media-savvy company, so it can't be too formal/boring

Unfortunately, they're not a client yet, so I don't have much budget for this, but if we can find someone that nails this, there is a lot of follow-on work here.


Skills: graphics, youtube