10 people needed to build simple 10 page templates

10 people needed to build simple 10 page templates


Job Description


We have a number of website templates needed for various businesses.

All the sites will have a 10 page template like whats used for leedsdomesticcleaning.co.uk.

All that needs doing for each HTML site template is:

1) text adding to each page. 3 pages will be provided completed. The rest will be copied from another site.

Home Page
About Us
Contact Page - HTML Code provided (excluding contact form)
Feedback Page - HTML Code provided
Terms - HTML Code provided
Privacy Police - HTML Code Provided
Service Page 1
Service Page 2
Service Page 3

2) 4 slider images adding - these will be provided.

3) background image adding will be provided.

4) header adding will be provided.

5) contact form adding

6) A few relavent imaages adding to each page.

a few other small jobs too.

Should only take a couple of hours for a good web designer who can work NEATLY and make the site like pixel perfect.