100’s Of Transcription Projects Available NOW

100’s Of Transcription Projects Available NOW


Job Description

Projects available in any size from 15 minutes to 3 hours, we are an extremely flexible company to work with.

Contractor Requirements:

1) Ability to follow directions to the letter.
2) Must type at least 55 words per minute.
3) Must be able to proof own work and be at least 95% accurate.
4) Experience in transcribing different accents helpful, not required.
5) Should have past experience in transcription.
6) Skype for communication.
7) Must have excellent English, spelling and grammar skills.
8) Ability to meet strict deadlines.
9) Have transcription software
10) Google Docs Knowledge

To apply: Follow this link to a sample audio file and template with complete instructions.
This test MUST be completed for further consideration.

If you have trouble the audio file you can be access through Dropbox at:


In your cover letter:
1) Mention your experience of transcription. (Newbies are also welcome.)
2) How long it takes you to transcribe one hour of audio.
3) Skype I.D. for potential interview.

Note: Don't look at budget. Bids of $20 can automatically be declined for failure to follow directions.

Starting rates up to $14-$17 per audio hour during the 90 day probationary period; at which time a performance evaluation will be conducted and base rates re-established up to $25 per audio hour.
Evaluation will be scored on successful deadline completion, quality of work, and your accessibility.

Please bid for transcribing a 60 minute audio file.

We hope to put you to work right away!!