17377_Digital Controller for a Coffee Maker


Job Description

1. Introduction A digital controller is required for a coffee maker with different coffee types such as Espresso Cappuccino etc. It is envisaged that a microcontroller from the 8051 family will be utilised. 2. Aim To design and build a prototype controller for a coffee machine suitable for use in a real appliance and develop the relevant firmware (/software). 2. Deliverables and Objectives In addition to meeting the general requirements for the final year project as set out in the module guide, your specific objectives are set out below: Produce/deliver a working prototype with appropriate hardware and firmware that can be installed in a modern appliance. It is important to investigate current devices/controllers and ensure that industrial/commercial factors such as unit cost, ease of manufacture and maintenance and safety and other industrial standards are taken into account. 4. Suggested Starting Point CT3041N Embedded Systems course notes and literature search; see bibliography below. 5. Bibliography 1. MacKenzie, ISBN 0023736605 2. Ayala, ISBN 8131502007 3. Schultz, ISBN 0978399501 i need lcd with it keypad water valve temperature sensor lm35 microcontroller C8051F340-TB water heater level sensor which is pot switch im producing 14 type of coffee with tea as well so far im using C8051F340-TB kit with water valve and lcd keypad shield dfrobot

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