2 hours of web research starting right now

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

Please only apply if you can start right now.

Task: spend 2 hours researching a topic I will give you. Follow links. Read articles. Gather info/clues. Think of new search terms based on your research and search further.

While doing these, keep track of what you find in an excel spread sheet in the following format:

A. one row, two fields: Field 1: Time you searched. Field 2: Search engine url. Field 3: search phrase you used.

Below this begin a list, one entry per row:
Field 1: URL where you found info related to our topic. Field 2: a short summary of what this article/page was about, or if you found important info, list the info.

When you don't seem to be finding any new info, at your own discretion, choose a new search phrase and start over at step A. Continuing to add info to the same spreadsheet.

Try to avoid duplicate articles.

I will give you a list of important info to look for.

Work hard and fast for 2 hours only. If we think there is more work to be done at the end of the two hours we can renegotiate.

Skills: research