200 Direct Contact Email For Small Busines

200 Direct Contact Email For Small Busines


Job Description

I need a comprehensive list of at least 200 blogs, podcasts, magazines, writers, newspaper columns, etc. all on the topic of 'Small Business'.

These are to be located in Australia, Canada, United States, New Zealand.

These contacts NEED to be active and current. Not from an out of date directory or like.

They also NEED to be direct contact details (name and current email) to the editors of these blogs, magazines, forum owners, the journalists themselves and writers for the magazines. (No info@... contact@...gmail etc.) I need personal emails. Please see sample below.

NOTE: Before you apply please provide me 10 samples so I can see your skill on this project before I hire you. This is ongoing project so please bid accordingly.

----- NO Samples Will Be Considered SPAM------

Name of Media: Name of Media
URL: http://2b243d61.theseblogs.com
Contact: [email protected]
Name: Jane Lindhe