3D responsive website implementation without Flash


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Ignore the Budget mentioned

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Ignore the Budget mentioned

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The scope:

We need our design (attached) implemented into a responsive web site using HTML5 (not Flash). We will be providing the complete design and the scope of work include complete implementation with full testing for compatibility with all browsers and devices. The content needs to be managed by CMS. The site should include SEO.

Design Description:
Home Page, is visualized as 3d versions of the squares used in the logo, floating all across the home screen, in a 3d kind of space/ environment.
The 3 main squares (big size) are always in forefront and represent the three main verticals of the company. The rest of the squares are floating in space and represent sub-verticals, sub-services, technologies etc. (each square having one name tag attached which identify either a technology or a type of service etc.) .

As you hover or click on any one of the big main square, all affiliated small squares attached to this main square come around this main square and align to represent a constellation kind of forming (random structure) and a descriptive text explaining the main square service unfolds like a curtain from the name tag.

The main navigation menus in the home page are in bottom and have some menus propping up on click.

Start your response with "DigiGrapes 3D"

Inner Pages are focusing on one service in one page with description etc . This is also visualized as a 3D image.

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