3d Animation and Model Expert for Android Games


Job Description


We are currently developing a game where we need some 3d animations and 3d models as well. I need someone who knows to develop the kind of files required for android like obj file and md2 files.

This is a game to teach special needs children different skills

We would 3d models and animations. I want them to be like characters
- a toothbrush
- a comb
- a soap
- a towel
- a shower nozzle
- a toothpaste
- shaving razor
- scissors
- germs
- washing machine

I want to have short clips of the above where it would introduce the items above and show their uses. This should be able to be played as an animation in android phones and tablets. These have to be animations with no background.

Ahead of this i need a few slightly more design work
- We have a car game where we need to put the peices of it back on the car. http://a4cwsn.com/2012/06/my-amazing-helpful-robots/ - scroll down and watch the video, go to 1:13 in the video to understand what you would have to make.
- Then we have a shooting on a board game so go to 1:42 in the same video to understand the animation we need there
- Then we have a shapes game where we need you to design the blocks and the holes they go in. Please see the image to understand http://www.amazon.com/Tupperware-Shape-O-Ball-Toy/dp/B000CFZP3A/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=toys-and-games&qid=1302639070&sr=1-2
- Finally we need a few images of animals which are made up of little circles, I will explain this to you when I select you.

If you are an expert in android game development, this will be even better.

I am looking for someone
- who is an expert in modeling and animation for android
- has experience in android game design
- good communication skills
- good with deadlines
- portfolio of work

If you only do the models, you will have 1 week time, if you have both the models and the app, you will have 3 weeks.


Skills: games, design, video, android-development, android-sdk

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