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We need 4 "travel texts" writen in English about 4 diferent cities_
Cape Town


Each of the 4 texts must contain the keyphrases and keywords provided by us (general keywords & specifics from each city).

The texts are for a website for selling travel apps for iPhone and iPad. Please, check http://www.etips.com

Keywords& keyphrases: we provided you with 2 clases 1) Generals Keywords (1 doc for all) 2) Specific Keywrods (1 doc per each city). You have to use at least 10 specific & 10 generals in each text. You can also adapt a keyphrase if needed for the text coherence. Try to vary & change the use of the generals, not always the same. When mentioning the iPad always mention iPhone following, or viceversa, because our apps work for both. Please bold the keywords used. Aprox 500 words or more for each of the 4 texts.

Content has to be self written. No direct copy from the internet or any other source.Please use Word for delivering the documents.

Each of the 4 texts must be divided into 3 parts, as follows:

Part 1- Talk about the particular city, with its tourist attractions and its culture, beauty, attractions, history, etc.
Part 2- Talk about our Travel Guide of that particular city for iPhone and iPad and the necessity of traveling with it (be careful to mention both iPad & iPhone) talk about our etips app turist guide for that particular city, the benefits/advantages of using an iPad/iPhone guide
Part 3 - Talk about our Travel Map Offline of that particular city and the necessity of traveling with it.

Part 2 & 3 could be mixed but both of the concepts have to be there.

In case of necessity, we will provide with a promo code to download the app for iPhone and iPad. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app

Any question, donĀ“t hesitate to ask!

Skills: english

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