5 Local Business Video Presentation


Job Description

I need 10 short (45 sec to a minute) video slideshows to promote the different products form atticoconcepts.com

I will provide the format of the video, which needs to be basically text followed by photos followed by text etc. and a longer frame showing the address, website and phone of the business.

You will need to find photos, and vary the message a little, inserting the keywords that I need.

For example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czwJBpb97t8&noredirect=1
Of course, would like them to be nicer.

You can find images online or on the website. atticoconcepts.com

All videos will follow same format as above. You can use animoto or any other template based video solution.

I can pay 2.50 per video. If I like your work, I will have 50 more videos made.

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