9 webdesign items for drupal herbal site


Job Description

To All Interested Parties,

I am in need of a drupal expert with good knowledge and experience, who could carry out this project as a remodeling of an existing herbal site. The project includes 6 major tasks that needs to be fulfilled to convert the simple and plain website to something very professional and sharp looking. Please follow the details below:

***** Tasks 1 (dropdown mega-menu with alphabetized items)

1) Please check the menu style at header at homeveda.com for the details of how this menu should look. The functionality for the dropdown animation should follow the details (in attached video). The menu should be user-friendly for admin to edit and maintain and work without any glitches.

***** Task 2 (custom image slider with display of related content)

2) Sample of this slider can be found in home page of homeveda.com. It should be something like this but more items and slider should be available in drupal blocks, so it can be placed anywhere in the website.

***** Task 3 (Left menu - open right side)

3) Sample of this menu can be found in left side bar of homeveda.com . It should retain the same types of colors and simplicity.

***** Task 4 (footer menu and layout)

4) Sample of this menu can be found in footer of page of homeveda.com . Notice how there are two sets of menu - one displayed vertically on the left side and the rest horizontally throughout the footer.

***** Task 5 ( Sitemap page layout and functionality)

5) Sample of this sitemap could be found in http://www.homeveda.com/sitemap.php --> Notice how the sitemap has a header part separate from the rest of the items in the page. Need similar functionality - header part should contain all the major directory terms for all the items in the page. The links in this header part of the sitemap should also link to those items containing their subcategories in the same page. This page should be fully editable as a content type.

***** Task 6 (social media and other menu items left side in the border section outside the webpage)

6) This should be menus similar to the menus shown in this page: http://www.drupal7-om.danielhonrade.com/ at tip left side (vertically positioned) . This menu should also be editable as a view or content type by admin.

7) 3 row content panel display (example - e-gardening-tips.com)

8) Content Slider (example - e-gardening-tips.com)

9) Search box - search result should return suggestions for misspelled words - according to existing site content.

Thank you for taking the interest in this project.

Anup. C

Skills: video