A New Upcoming International Artist!


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Smoky grew up in various countries such as Georgia, Russia, Finland, Ukraine, Norway and Spain.

This resulted in a multi cultural and variable musical style that he has developed through the years and crafted it into his own personal perfection.
With his real life lyrics, unbelievable creative beats and fantasy he creates music that most people can relate to on a real level.
Smoky`s music can be about philosophy, fantasy, spirituality, story-telling, and basically street wise life lessons and inspiration.
This has all thaught him sacrifice in all fields of the music game and life itself.
The young talent still keeps improving himself constantly and he always gives it his very best at any performance no matter how big or small the crowd are.
He is now in the development of becoming Futuristic Records main artist and will most likely be the pioneer of bringing his style of music, both as an musician and artist/producer, out to the next generation masses and finally worldwide.

Go to youtube. Futuristisc Records!

Skills: music-composing

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