A lot of Content to Rewrite


Job Description

READ CAREFULLY: This job is only for qualified contractors who are native English speakers. I am looking for someone who can manage a bulk of rewrites that I will be assigning each month. You will be given a set of companies (about 6) along with keywords for each company. These keywords will be used to generate articles to go on the company's blog. For example, for a company called Sashya's beauty Supplies, you will be given keywords such as "Hair care products in Miami", "Facial Products in Miami, "and so forth. You will put the keywords in Google and find articles to rewrite or spin to pass Cppyscape but you will fix it in a way to benefit the company you're writing on. Example of how you would write an article with the keywords "Hair care products in Miami"

"Looking for hair care products in Miami? From hair products such as shampoo, conditioners, and hair treatments to curlers, rollers, and flat irons, get everyday low prices on hair care products in Miami at Sashya's beauty Supplies. Whether you're preventing dry, brittle hair with a leave-in conditioner or preparing a new look for the prom, our hair care selection has got you covered. Find everything you need from brands you trust, including products from L'Oreal, Nexxus, Conair, Fekkai and more…"

Each article will be 500 words and you will have about 40 articles to write for each company. Some will be less like 20 or 30. For each article, you will be paid $0.90 (including oDesk fees). So if you have 160 articles in total, you will be paid $144 for the entire project. I can pay in 2 ways:

• In full after the job is completed
• Half payment after you deliver half

This job is only for contractors from Jamaica, US, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, Australia or United Arab Emirates. You can choose to work alone or have a friend help out but every article must be unique without grammatical errors, passing Copyscape or http://duplichecker.com/. Mention "I read, understand and can deliver as expected"

VERY IMPORTANT: I will also require at LEAST 3 articles for each company per day. If you take this job and do not deliver as expected (like missed deadlines, poor quality etc), you will be given a nasty feedback and payment depending on what I think you deserve.

For some companies, you will also be given some articles that were already written but they are not perfect. They contain grammatical errors, and so forth. You can use these to help write but you must mix the info with other researched material. At the end of the day, each article you write must look completely different from each other and pass Copyscape. You must also highlight the keywords in each (use 3-4 times) in each article and mention the company name. More details will be given after hire and this job will start at the end of this month. You will be required to do a test rewrite to see how best you understand and I'll be interviewing from now.

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