A simple 1 hour JOB- Make mobile site APP

A simple 1 hour JOB- Make mobile site APP


Job Description

I require a simple app to be made. It will have these features.
I have a mobile site ready. I just need the app so that it will launch a mobile site within the app( not as a shortcut).
It won't have a title bar or address bar so that users can't see the address.

Then it will have a signup form(1 time signup only) which will be integrated with aweber( As soon as the user signs up he will get added to my aweber / any independent list)

I should be able to send notifications whenever I want to to all the users. It has to be built on Android.
The app should have a neat interface.

*MOST Important- it is kind of an eBook online. Now the app you build should be editable easily. For my next book I should just change the URL and colour scheme if I have to and it should work and its your job to instruct how to reuse it.

Also I should be able to choose the list (aweber) according to my app. For example if the app is a book on parenting people who download will sign up once and added to an email list at AWeber at the list of parenting. Then another user downloads an app of sex it should add to the list of sex.

I will require your past work- An NDA is a must.

Skills: android-development