AB Testing configuration and implementation

AB Testing configuration and implementation


Job Description

Here is a job we need done for a client once each quarter. Please provide time and charges you would require to do this.

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Identify hypotheses for AB experiment
Creation of design changes
Implementation and optimisation of up to 8variants into Optimizley system
Set up and administration of test

AB Testing analysis and reporting per experiment

Analytics analysis pre and post each test
Provision of end of test report
Implementation of winning variant on goodpractice.com

Total per experiment and implementation of winning variant

Quarterly reporting on Site performance & SEO

Quarterly analysis of the site performance using your web analytics benchmarked against previous months

Create a quarterly set of SEO recommendations for content development based on popular content on the site, site searches and popular google searches for similar content

Quarterly presentation and review of web analytics


1.5 days per




Quarterly reporting


£975 p/q

Skills: design, administration, test, analysis