AC powered LED tail/break light


Job Description

I need a Design created for an LED rear tail/break light lamp ( BAY15D. 1157 case), this would be a direct replacement for the standard filament 21/5W with offset pins.
However although there are thousands of designs available for DC powered lamps this design needs to operate using AC only as they will be fitted to non battery models of motorcycles.
* The rectification and driver circuit must be able to be contained within the lamp itself on one or more pcb'.

*size must be similar to filament lamps

* White LEDs for tail light must project at side of lamp so as to light number plate as well as reflector and be seen from side of motorcycle as per a filament lamp.

* White or red LEDs used for brake light, ideally projecting sideways and forward of lamp.

* power output equivalent or better of filament lamp

* lamp must be able to work at varying voltages from motorcycle stator regulator, from 7v to 14v without flikering to stopping working.

* life and reliability are the key criteria.