ASP.NET Web Developer

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

I am looking for an ASP.Net application Web Developer with experience of programming with .NET 4 and above.

Mandatory skills (Please only apply if your experience the following requirements)

- 4-5 Yrs of experience in .NET/C#. Knowledge of .NET 4 and above ( Linq, Lambda expressions )
- Good OOP skills. Must be able to understand interfaces, overloading, polymorphism and modular programming ( not just winforms or webforms)
-ASP.NET Experience. Preferably ASP.NET MVC. Must have built at least 5 web applications, preferably at least one using ASP.NET MVC
- Good SQL and Database Skills. Be able to write complex joins ( inner, outer, left & right), Knowledge of transactions, foreign keys is a must.
- Must have good knowledge of ADO.NET. Must have used ADO.NET is at least 4-5 projects
- Good knowledge of HTML and CSS. Be able to write markup by hand for tables, divs, ul, ol, forms
- Good functional knowledge of CSS ( floats, layouts). Must be able to create CSS by hand if required.
- Good functional knowledge of javascript. Must have used javascript extensively
- Preferably jquery. Previous experience with ajax using jquery is desirable
- Experience in using Firefox, Firebug for debugging client side html, css

Skills: .net, winforms, mvc, debugging