ATM Software (Windows CE Expert)

ATM Software (Windows CE Expert)


Job Description

I am looking for the following software to be compatible with the Triton ATM RL2000 and if possible any other Triton ATMS running windows CE

We are hosting special classes.

Need to be able to operate and flow like a real ATM that is processing a transaction
there will be no link to a merchant account ever.

Must print a receipt at the end saying communication error.
must save track 1+2 with pin to device memory and email this info to a desired email address
must be able to be executed onto ATMs via usb stick.
all configurations must be able to be made before installation and or edit them after installation.

Main Setup - Must be able to preconfigure these functions
o Date and Time
o Currency symbol - $ EUR £
o Shut down timer - This option will turn the ATM off for a certain amount of time after a transation is completed ( 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 90 seconds) this function can also be turned off and no shut down will take place after a transaction is completed.
o ATM Company - this name will be displayed on the main home screen before a transaction takes place, and printed on the receipt
Receipt configuration - Fields that are left blank will not be printed.
o Business name
o 2 address lines below
o Footer
o Merchant ID
o Invoice number

Skills: windows-nt