AVR Computing Project

AVR Computing Project


Job Description

Please see the word file for requirements.
Following conditions should also be met

- Firstly the project MUST be coded in AVR (ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE) NOT C.

- The micro-controller used is ATMEGA64, so to clarify: 8 bit AVR Micro-controller with 64K Bytes In-System Programmable Flash

- The code should be written in the simplest possible way, nothing fancy or spectacular, just simple student work. It is preferred you take no shortcuts, or implement clever ways of writing code, rather it should be as if you are a beginner to AVR assembly language.

- The code should be EXPLICITLY commented so that we are able to understand what is being done ON EACH LINE. A separate document outlining how the code is functioning as well as the special features used in the code would be appreciated.

- Timers, interrupts and phase correct PWM must be used.

- According to the project specs, the design manual and user manual should be included.

- The code needs to be sent to the AVR Lab Board and must work on the board itself. therefore the code should be broken into smaller parts and once a part is completed, it should be sent over for us to test on the board.

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