AWESOME Unity 3D programmer for simple iOS game reskin needed

AWESOME Unity 3D programmer for simple iOS game reskin needed


Job Description

I need an awesome, talented app programmer for a new game project. The game will be a reskin project of a source code in my possession. Roughly speaking, other than installing new graphics we also need some SDK integrations like AppLovin, Revmob, Chartboost, Flurry, plus a few others. So nothing too advanced for now. More details will be shared later.

The game will be based on this very simple code:

To apply for this job you must:
- Be talented.

- Have Unity experience.

- Work independently (belong to no agency).

- Communicate well in English.

- Understand the importance of fast communication and being available during small, quick projects.

- Be PASSIONATE about the work.

- Have worked on iOS apps before, preferably on games.

- Be able to work quickly without compromising the quality.

- Be knowledgeable about programming and able to find creative solutions.

- Be serious about the work to an extend that you wish to be a part of my exclusive upscaling project (Project Empire), which will require many projects in the near future. In other words, you want to work with me long term.

I certainly won't mind working with someone who loves playing video games and are really into different games universes. Therefore, you should start your application for this job by listing your personal top 5 all-time favorite video games. If you don't play games you should instead start your application by saying "project empire". This way I will know you have actually read this entire job post before applying for the job.

As promised, more details will follow after we have spoken briefly.