AWS System Admin (LONG TERM)


Job Description

We are looking for an AWS system admin, system administration services for AWS infrastructure (Fedora and Red Hat Linux). Following are the job details.

• Must have 4+ years of system admin experience in Linux, AWS and MySQL (database admin)
• Knowledge of Hadoop, Pentaho and data warehousing in general is a big plus
• Number of systems in AWS = 9 Amazon Linux (Fedora/Red Hat)
• Types of Services from AWS = Mainly EC2, RDS, EBS, and VPC
• What we are hosting = Apache Tomcat, WordPress, Postgres, Pentaho
• Typical tasks
o Creating/managing ssh/sftp accounts
o Manage all logins -- manage public ssh keys per login, help users create public/private ssh key pairs
o Data backups
o MySQL administration
o Manage scripts that monitor files coming in and start ETL jobs, manage archiving of processed files
o Adding partitions
o OS upgrades, new builds

You will work around 20 hours per week (up to 40 hours per week), must be available on IM and email between 5pm IST to 9pm IST, and on phone from 9pm IST to 2am IST. This will be a long term business relationship. We will have more similar projects in future.

If interested, please answer the following questions –
1. Are you an individual or company? If individual, send us your resume and LinkedIn profile. If company, send us your website URL and team size.
2. Will you go through a technical interview?
3. Can you give phone support till 2am IST?
4. What are your rates?